Slab fonts are a type of serif fonts characterized by thick or block-like serifs. They are well known and used for their legibility. Slab fonts have been in use for a really long time; about 200 years ago, and during that time, different styles and groups have been in use. Virtuous Slab is a slab serif font useful particularly in creating amazing designs. Fonts are like treasure to designers who always struggle to find good fonts, and this font is an example of that. The font was featured on Behance in the Graphic Design gallery among few selections of best typefaces.

Virtuous Slab typeface is a modern and very legible font. It will especially be useful for design projects that require headings and body text. The font can also be paired beautifully with other popular fonts like Futura and Helvetica, thereby giving your design a solid, and confident look.

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